Why Paying a Few Pounds Now Can Save Your Family £5,226 in Funeral Expenses Later

Published on December 13, 2016

Millions are Rushing to Get Funeral Plan Insurance to Protect Loved Ones from Huge Debts

By S.T. Daventry Personal Finance Advisor

A decade ago, having a ‘funeral plan’ before you died was unheard of. But these days the rocketing costs of funerals have led to people over the age of 55 being more pragmatic about their death. Millions are now rushing to get a funeral plan before it’s too late.

You may be wondering why you even need to get a funeral plan?

The reason is because without one you could be leaving your loved ones to pick up the bill. And funerals can be expensive. Even a basic funeral can cost £3,693. And that’s without flowers, a headstone or food for your guests. Add on all the extras and the cost of a funeral can run to over £5,000. If you need to hire a lawyer to manage your will then add a few more thousand onto the bill.

And you can forget about getting any contribution from the government. Even if you’ve paid taxes all your life, the government will pay nothing towards your funeral’s costs.

And with every year that passes, the costs get ever higher still.

It’s predicted that by the end of the decade funerals could exceed £7,000 or more. That’s in just over 3 years time. So unless you properly prepare your finances NOW it will be your family that’s held liable for the bill.

>>>Are you qualified for a reduced Funeral Plan price?

With funerals becoming so eye wateringly expensive, it’s no wonder millions of people are now rushing to secure funeral plan insurance. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. Save money - You only need to contribute a few dollars a week to ensure all your funeral costs are covered when you pass away.
  2. Protect loved ones - Having Funeral Plan insurance ensures you wonting be leaving loved ones with a £7,000 debt.
  3. Locked In Price - Funeral costs may keep going up but by having insurance you’ll always be able to cover it (even if the costs rocket even higher by 2020).
  4. No proof of good health needed - Even if you have diabetes and heart disease, you can qualify for a Funeral Plan without having to provide any medical background information whatsoever.
  5. Get your affairs in order - Starting a Funeral Plan now enables you to preselect the the funeral director and attorney to handle the arrangements.
  6. Peace of Mind - Having a Funeral Plan gives you the reassurance that no matter what happens your family won’t go into debt paying for your funeral.
  7. Life Savings Protected - A Funeral Plan will cover everything. Your family won’t need to take a cent from their life savings.

Get a Funeral Insurance Plan Quote in Minutes

It’s incredible how simple it is to get Funeral Plan Insurance when you consider how complicated things can get without one. And all you need to do is pay a few dollars a week to ensure you’re covered for £7,000 or more in funeral expenses down the road.

It takes just a couple of minutes to complete a short form and you will immediately discover how little you need to pay to protect your loved ones from big debts later on.

When you request a quote your information is kept private and there’s no obligation to continue. You are simply finding out how much it will cost.

To get a free quote, click here now or press the button below this article.

You will then be able to request a quote from a leading Funeral Insurance Provider. In their quote the benefits will be spelt out in plain English with no surprises buried in the small print.

So if you want to ensure your loved ones are protected from being in debt from funeral expenses when you die, click here now to get your free quote.

Remember that funerals are getting more expensive all the time. So the longer you delay getting a Funeral Plan the higher the risk of your family being saddled with a huge bill they can’t pay:

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